Light 31

Day is done…so goes the year
Gone the sun…we are still here

Papa says; Chores are complete
Mama says; You are my ‘Sweet’

After they pray…together they say
Gute Nacht!…outten the light!

© JP/davh

(With a gentle nod of recognition
to my Penn Dutch Amish


Light 29

a corona around
the moon impresses
out of town guests as well
as our humble selves – a light
orange halo of ice crystals fore-
tell a change in the weather – we
* are due for several inches of *
snow different frozen forms
falling starting with the
dawn to continue

* throughout the day *… * first hexagons refract light *
Then different ones gently fall from the morning sky  *

© JP/davh

Two pictures in this article are similar to what we saw.
I Googled ‘orange glow around the moon’

Light 27

little balls of frozen light
bounce off settled snow
and frozen rain, looking
like pop-corn in a hot air
high winds, no lightening
and yet there, odd noises
heard over the roaring of
the warming fire.  willow
lost dead limbs…
winter scape, shapes the
scene – haunting grey as
the dawn light attempts to
open the eye of morning…
a single bird call…

© JP/davh

Light 26

Some Traditions celebrated in America…

Chaunkiot and Christmas illuminations it is time to share your light with
the younger kinaras of Kwanzaa just a bit more than a decade old

Unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility,
cooperative economics, purpose, creativity and faith.

Light in many forms by many faiths represents goodness.
May we all learn to live joyfully together with honor and respect due all.

© JP/davh

*Chaukiah singular, Chanukiot plural is/are the nine branched menorah or candelabra used for lighting Chanukah/ Hanukkah candles and is a Jewish Holiday. Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus by Christians often with multi color illuminations as well as candles uses in different traditions from different countries. Kwanzaa created in 1966 uses a kinara to light seven candles to represent the seven principles of African Heritage. It is a joy indeed to learn of and share the variety of celebrations of all peoples everywhere.

Light 25

Inspired by a dear friend;

For all the lights all year long, sing loud, sing long
For peace every ‘present day’ be strong!

Celebrate now and the seasons yet to arrive
Live long, love always, be joyfully alive!

Blessings offered to one and all –
To those with courage, the meek, the mild and the small!

(c) JP/davh

Usually I write something new everyday.

I wrote a slightly different version yesterday…

Thanks to one, thanks to all – Peace.