pi ku, tau ku, pi ku series:

the last day –
change their own course

oil and lube turns into more –
the car
wants a leak fixed too – time to pay!

minutes turn
hours as I wait

© JP/davh


Blogsplash for Small Kindnesses

For the Blogsplash

I am re-posting this link to this  piece because I think it fits well with this Blogsplash –
Please visit and share your own ‘small kindness’

Kindness is an act of doing
expecting no concrete reward
and yet the smile or hug gifted
becomes one of the most
treasured possessions owned.

© JP/davh


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The Kiss: pi ku, tau ku, haiku series

cool winter
outside the pane

frost clings upon the glass
envelopes us warming our hearts

how do consonants
and vowels change? gently from
our passing kisses

© JP/davh

Origin: (from the online dictionary)
before 900; Middle English kissen  to kiss, Old English cyssan (cognate with German küssen, Old Norse kyssa ), derivative of OldEnglish coss  a kiss; cognate with Old Norse koss, German Küss

Movie Review?

For the love of Bond, James Bond
The adventure, the action, the espionage
The sanction to thwart evil by any means
Does there really exist or have to be an ‘M’ and a “Q”
At least the silver screen is just there for entertainment…
Or so we would like to believe…
And yet those hungry for foul play will not be sated
I read that at least twenty-four continuity mistakes
Were found in the film…I went to enjoy myself –
Understanding there would be fiction and found
More questions than answers…
Isn’t that what the next sequel is for?

(c) JP/davh