So Long September

Where is the music for the conclusion of the month?
Is it in the autumn breezes or the solemn train whistles in the dawn?
Can it be found in the laughter of children walking or being bussed to school?
Is it in on the radio, the themes of new programming or new movies to amuse?
Perhaps there will be new music with the new month…


Double Play

Sun 9/25/11 Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

They will sing no more – the gnats stuck in the web
Threaded between the two stalks of milkweed
At least thirty to fifty little buggies trapped!
I tried to take a photo – but it just didn’t work
And the rain has washed them all away…

Mon 9/26/11 Dew Diligence

No stars to use for stage lights, the curtain was dawn mist rain
To the full orchestra of crickets practicing for the ‘Dressing of Autumn’
For when the sun caresses the foliage and the leaves fall into rainbow colors