Opals, Emeralds & Uncut Diamonds, Oh My! Daily Poetic Verse for The River by JulesPaige


a renga:

writing sustains – me
facilitates my thought strands
embraces my time

juggling my mental state;
plans get challenged, sent away

to another country -
the one where aspects change, melt
and just fade away…

country, facilitate, aspect, sent, strands, state,
sustain, write, time, plans, embrace, juggling

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Comments on: "Sunday Whirl 145: visionary?" (12)

  1. I think you have captured the magic of writing perfectly!

  2. Clever form…writing distracts and balances, ‘writing sustains’…~ Blessings!

  3. I’ve never seen this form before. I like it!

  4. Worked great with a Renga form!

  5. clever and imaginative, Jules.

  6. Jules, my writing is the only thing sustaining me at the moment.
    Nice write.


  7. Hi, haven’t come across your work before, but:

    “sent away

    to another country –
    the one where aspects change, melt
    and just fade away…”

    I know how that feels, Jules – Great and brave writing, for sure… With Best Wishes Scott

  8. I love the idea of “writing sustains me” – sometimes when I wonder why keep writing, I find that it’s just that I would miss the words spilling out, sustaining me too!

  9. I like the idea of sending plans away to another country. Maybe we could choose a country for each aspect of self. Send disorder to Japan for retraining. Indolence…Tahiti?

  10. Writing does have a way of doing that.

  11. K. A. Brace said:

    Jules, this poem was a good piece on writing. I’ll send you a private email. >KB

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