Imprompt: Brown Paper Package…

“Englyn Penfyr” 10.7.7.

Brown Paper Package; No String

flat, rectangle – a package sits waiting
the one you sent days ago
in brown grocery paper

my name is there scrawled on it in your hand
that was before we declared
“no more mail to be exchanged”

I know what is in it and yet I don’t
because on the back you wrote
it was a book I might like

But I am not opening it – for now;
until you have opened that
which I have sent…weeks ago

we still play at answering machine tag
even those times when no words
are left …but I know you called…


Imprompt (plus): Chant: Pay, Pay, Pay!

Short form: Englyn Penfyr (10.7.7)

Chant: Pay, Pay, Pay!

Bills pay them quick from Peter to pay Paul
or to the county brig fall
low brow and them too way tall

The stern Taxman will take the axe right quick
if you be lax to often
flax, wheat, barley, he will take

Or like the wolf of the Three Little Pigs
With the Kings men full of figs
They’ll leave you with nought but twigs

No matter if in life you dare succeed -
savings will bleed first to state
no seed for your prodigy

There is no one magical land or place
where one escapes the rats race
pay them bills quick – and save face

©JP/davh 4.22.14

With thanks to Misky, because she learned the form from:

And I saw it and stored her verse away…
I may not have followed it exactly…I was only counting syllables.
There is so much more…


Elfje series:

gotta clean
what the townships
will not – the borderline

and pull
a mechanical winch -
neighbors permission to cross

some progress
the engineer won
stuck to his plan -

temporarily disassembled
some debris removed,
other bits float free

a big
mess to clean -
at least the weathers’

Hubby had a plan. Rigged one rope across the creek to raise the branch/trunk and while also,
hooked up to the winch to pull it to our side so we could get it out. There where some doubts that
the tree part was buried too deep. But we are making progress and our wallet is a bit lighter too.